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The ground-braking movie Kranked 2 brought its name to the world of MTB in the 90’s, Today the Italian Riviera is at the forefront of enduro consciousness, capturing the imagination of riders worldwide.
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There’s no secret.
There’s no ritual.
There’s no remedy.

The character and charm of Finalenduro stretches far beyond the trails, with ancient buildings drenched in sunlight, majestic mountains that fall into a crystal clear sea, famed for its focaccia and loved for the gelato, it is much more than just a race. The Riviera is contagious with a positive mindset and energy that flows through the alleys, trails and waves. It is the ultimate gioia di vivere.
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Racers are hitting the trails with the same spirit in mind and the sound of speed in the ears. When you’re in Finale, you don’t have to worry about facing anything. Just let the good vibes sink into your skin.
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Finalenduro has no boundaries, It’s made up of myth, word-of-mouth
and heritage.
The media feeds our daydreaming...
Just don’t be in the shot...

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